Why We Love It: Nansen Explorer

Photo: Justin Hofman

Whether polar icebreaker, dive support vessel, luxurious yacht, or nimble sailing craft, EYOS will guide you to the best expedition yacht for your charter. In this ongoing series, we ask what makes the yachts we regularly work with so special. 

EYOS is excited to be offering unique book-by-cabin departures throughout 2024 onboard Nansen Explorer, a blend of rugged expedition vessel and luxury supertacht unlike any other. Designed with the polar regions in mind, Nansen Explorer can take you to the untouched slopes of Greenland for a heli-skiing adventure with Olympic ski racer Bode Miller, or to the storied shores of South Georgia for an unforgettable photo expedition. Join some of our seasoned expedition staff as they share what sets this yacht apart from any other vessel for polar exploration.

Antarctica Expedition – 9th – 20th February, 2024
Greenland Heli-Ski Expedition with Bode Miller & Chris Davenport – 20th – 27th April, 2024
South Georgia Photography Expedition – 26th October – 9th November, 2024

Photo: Chris Scholey

“Nansen Explorer can go to places others can’t. She has a combination of a strong ice class and a large commercially certified heli deck that can accommodate an expedition helicopter (and will soon support two!). Together, these open up new destinations and opportunities for us, like early spring heli skiing in Greenland. Nansen is a perfect cross between a rugged commercial ship and a yacht. She has the power and grit of a ship accustomed to working deep into the ice, and a bridge team deeply experienced in polar operations. Yet with only 12 guests onboard, she offers the intimacy and personalized nature that you’d find on yachts. Most importantly, Nansen Explorer has a real soul– from working scientific missions to heli-ski trips in Greenland to Antarctic charters, the ship has a purpose and mission. There is really nothing out there quite like her, with this unique mix of capabilities (ice, helicopter, etc.) and service. Joining Nansen Explorer brings you on more than just a yacht charter- she brings you on a true adventure.” – Ben Lyons, EYOS CEO

Photo: Justin Hofman

“Nansen Explorer is the perfect launchpad for polar adventures.  Strong, stable, adaptable, and capable she is perfectly at home in any high-latitude environment. This is where adventures are made, memories are created and enduring friendships are forged. Every voyage creates a unique story, one that can only be told by those privileged to be in that moment.“ Rob McCallum, EYOS Co-founder

Photo: Martin Enckell

“Whether chartered as a support vessel or sailing solo on expedition, Nansen Explorer is an absolute dream for polar region operations. Spending days traveling through sea ice in search of polar bears or emperor penguins is no easy feat; Nansen Explorer does it with style. While her rugged exterior blends well with the remote environments she is often found in, her interior warmth and level of service easily exude a laid-back home-away-from-home vibe. There’s nothing quite like strolling around the lounge in your slippers, spiked hot chocolate in hand, watching the polar landscape go by. For those who like to take polar exploration to the next level: zodiacs, kayaks, a helicopter, and your expedition team await.” –  Moira Le Patourel, EYOS Expedition Leader 

Photo: Chris Scholey

Nansen Explorer is a brilliant platform for exploration and adventure. Fun is at her core and the onboard team’s experience and passion for discovery ensure each expedition is unforgettable. Whether heli skiing in Greenland, diving below the surface in Antarctica or spotting Polar Bears in Arctic Svalbard, the vessel provides a platform for endless experience. Tamsin Vaughan, EYOS Client Director

Photo: Mosaic Studios

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