EYOS Expeditions Celebrates the Antarctic Bicentennial

Guests onboard superyacht Legend gather on the bow while on expedition in Antarctica Christopher Scholey

2020 marks the 200th anniversary of the first sighting of the Antarctic continent. With decades of combined experience in the region, and a genuine passion for exploring the ‘Last Continent’, EYOS has a proud record of achievements on the ice.

Experience Matters

Collectively, the EYOS team has guided well over 800 Antarctic voyages and the 200th anniversary of the first sighting of Antarctica has been the perfect time to reflect on our past experiences in the region. Though the kind of travel we undertake to the Antarctic each year would have been unimaginable less than a century ago, reaching Antarctica today is still a feat that requires competence and hard-won expertise.  Though each voyage to the region is rewarding and unforgettable, there have been many stand-outs during EYOS’ more than decade long history in Antarctica.

World record ocean-rower Captain Fiann Paul and his crew member Colin O’Brady’s historic rowing expedition last year saw the rowing team cross the 600 mile Drake Passage unaided. The bold journey required extensive planning and logistics.  EYOS was proud to provide the expertise and support to ensure a safe and successful crossing which will become a Matador Productions (Discovery Channel) documentary ’The Impossible Row’.

EYOS is proud to have been able bring the majesty of Antarctica to people all over the world through managing expeditions that have captured footage for SeaLegacy’s Only One and the BBC’s Blue Planet II.  In the course of the BBC expedition EYOS managed the first ever 1000 meter submersible dive in Antarctica, and Blue Planet II has been viewed by millions worldwide.

Apart from historic and extreme ventures and facilitating capturing video footage that will serve to turn viewers into advocates for the delicate region, EYOS has pioneered a new way of exploring the area, by executing the first ever ultimate Antarctica trip that combined time in the interior Antarctic continent, the South Pole, and a week on a yacht.

Setting Records

The breadth of EYOS’ Antarctic experience presents the opportunity to contribute to record setting adventures. In 2014, EYOS partnered with MY Arctic P on an expedition to the Ross Sea in Antarctica. The voyage set the world-record for the furthest south traveled by any vessel. EYOS helped to plan the voyage and obtain the special permits required to visit the region, and Co-founder, Tim Soper served as Expedition Leader during the trip along with guide Matt Drennan and Ice Pilot Uli Demel. Arctic’s Captain and crew were later awarded the International Superyacht Society’s Distinguished Crew award for their achievement.

Yacht Breaking Through Ice In Antarctica

Enigma XK Docked in the Ice on an Early Season EYOS Expedition. Photo Credit: Justin Hofman

Members of the Antarctic Community

In addition to pushing the boundaries of what is considered possible and setting records on the frozen continent, EYOS continues to be dedicated to ensuring the highest possible standards of expedition management in Antarctica. EYOS has written policies on operations that have been accepted by the international community.

As members of the International Association of Antarctic Tour Operators, EYOS takes an active role in the preservation of the fragile beauty that defines Antarctica. Co-founder Rob McCallum serves on the IAATO Executive Committee and works tirelessly to promote and practice environmentally responsible travel to the Antarctic.  EYOS’ Brandon Harvey also sits on the Advisory Board for the Polar Citizen Science Collective and the Polar Tourism Guide Association, as well as a company representative on several committees of IAATO.

Orcas Approach Superyacht Legend in Antarctica

Orcas Approach Superyacht Legend in Antarctica. Photo Credit: Christopher Scholey

EYOS Antarctic Firsts

In the course of celebrating the 200th anniversary of a very important Antarctic ‘first’, EYOS is looking back at some of our own firsts. EYOS Expeditions was the first in Antarctica to;

  • Manage Multiple superyacht expeditions every season
  • Offer regular superyacht charters
  • Pioneer yacht fly in and fly out expeditions with flights that skipped the notorious Drake Passage
  • Receive permission for helicopter assisted ski-touring
  • Receive a permit for personal submersible operations
  • Manage a submersible dive to 1,000 meters
  • Facilitated the first live 4K broadcast from Antarctica

As expedition travel continues to progress and evolve, EYOS looks forward to seeing many more firsts in this spectacular corner of the world.

Preparing for a Submersible Lauch in Antarctica

Preparing for a Submersible Launch in Antarctica. Photo Credit: Martin Enckell

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