EYOS began as a rather long-winded ‘Expedition Yacht Operations Specialists’, but after the first year and two dozen expeditions this was mercifully shortened to ‘EYOS Expeditions’.

Now, with expeditions running all over the world and occurring every month of the year, we have not forgotten our early beginnings.

Our core business focus has always been private yachts: taking expedition yachts off the beaten track to remote coasts and far away destinations. To do this we supplement the existing onboard team and support the Captain with shore logistics, technical expertise, on-board support and guiding services so that they can focus on the ongoing operation of the vessel and management of her crew.

The benefit for Captains is a reduced workload and the ability to focus on vessel navigation and safety.

The benefit for Owners is having onboard specialists who have the experience, language skills and abilities to bring the destination alive.

Our reputation has spread, and we are increasingly assisting government agencies, commercial film companies, NGO’s and others wanting to run complex expeditions in remote places.

Our staff have grown to include polar specialists, mariners, rebuild managers, technical dive and hyperbaric specialists, submersible technicians, interpreters, lecturers, and the broadest range of regionally specialized Expedition Leaders who are amongst the best available in the world today.