A significant birthday, a recent graduation, the special wedding anniversary— once-in-a-lifetime events deserve special recognition. These are the moments to cherish and celebrate, with the freedom to explore off the beaten path in luxury, safety, and style. Whether it’s a family reunion beach BBQ in Polynesia or observing killer whales together from the bow in Antarctica, EYOS’s curated collection of yachts, expeditions, and expert staff provides an unparalleled experience designed to make a lifetime of memories.

Since pioneering the category in 2008, EYOS remains the world leader in private superyacht expeditions. This expertise is grounded in hard-won experience and decades of expeditions to the world’s wildest places, where knowledge, self-sufficiency and safety standards are the only assurances. EYOS’s full-time shoreside team alone has over 350 years of collective expedition experience and represents a network of travel and marine specialists that spans seven continents. This expertise means that every aspect of your charter is tailored to exceed your expectations, making your celebration truly one-of-a-kind.

Not sure where to begin? These are just a few ideas to build inspiration— a world of possibilities awaits when selecting a destination for your celebratory yacht charter. From a champagne toast on glacial ice to heli-skiing an untouched run, nothing is impossible — we make dreams a reality.


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The epic, remote wilderness of the White Continent. What draws people here is what they’ve learned about Antarctica: the superlatives, the history of the Golden Age explorers, the impossibly beautiful images. A vast expanse of ice and sheer power of raw nature, Antarctica is the world’s most pristine environment with an abundance of remarkable wildlife. Every expedition here is unique, with the route determined by weather and ice conditions. This flexible itinerary allows the yacht to follow the best conditions, and extended daylight to discover remarkable coastlines, fjords, and islands. Imagine celebrating your birthday kayaking as Gentoo penguins swim nearby, or an exhilarating polar plunge off the yacht – an unforgettable way to honor the day!



Celebrations with EYOS
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A destination unlike any other, Melanesia has long been part of EYOS’s DNA. Thanks to EYOS Co-Founder Rob McCallum’s personal history, deep network of local relationships, and the rare insight of EYOS expedition leaders such as Angela Pennefather, who was born and raised in Papua New Guinea, EYOS can craft a fully bespoke itinerary through the region. Imagine exploring WWII shipwrecks, witnessing sacred rituals and ancient rites of passage, and encountering the incredible diversity of the islands. From the spectacular volcanoes of Vanuatu and the colorful underwater world of the Solomon Islands to the rich tapestry of 5,000 tribes (speaking over 850 languages) of Papua New Guinea, Melanesia is ideal for building new treasured memories.

Greenland Heli-Skiing

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Greenland is the largest island on Earth. The rocky coastline, if stretched out like a string, would measure 24,430 miles (39,330 km), approximately the circumference of Earth at the equator. Pack ice and bergs, calved from the monumental Illulissat Glacier, jostle in the waterways. And stunning fjords fringe Greenland’s western coast, as inviting to expedition yachting as any geography on the planet. In spring from April to May, from powder to corn, these protected fjords offer unparalleled access to prime heli-ski terrain. No lift, no lines. Ski from summit to sea on wide, treeless snowfields and down steep couloirs flanking glacier-sculpted peaks. Carve tracks where few have or will — from heights overlooking iceberg-choked bays and granite landscapes some 3.8 billion years old. Imagine celebrating a well-earned graduation here, or a recent retirement— this is a next-level backcountry experience.


The Yachts

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Chartering an expedition yacht provides maximum flexibility; an ideal choice for a once-in-a-lifetime celebration. EYOS works with a variety of expedition yachts available for charter worldwide, and our long-standing relationships with their captains, crews, and capabilities ensures a peerless level of expertise.

From well-appointed cabins and spacious lounges to gourmet dining experiences prepared by top-tier chefs, every aspect of your charter is designed to provide unparalleled comfort while in some of the world’s most remote destinations. Dedicated crew members provide exceptional service, ensuring that your celebration is seamless and stress-free. Whether replacing a birthday candle with a beach bonfire on a remote island or enjoying an anniversary dinner on deck among icebergs, these are once-in-a-lifetime celebrations at sea.


Ready to celebrate? Contact EYOS today to kick off the festivities.