Arctic Operations


When an expedition ship leaves the dock for destinations only rarely visited and partially known, it is imperative that everything that might be needed is on board, for anything crucial left forgotten rapidly falls out of reach.

In a recent case, our client had been let down by several suppliers and needed urgent help to get this high profile expedition back on track.

This expedition was the one that conjured up the name ‘Lickedy Split Logisitics’.

From a standing start, in less than a month EYOS Expeditions commissioned the completion and delivery of a portable decompression chamber, a portable twin compressor/Nitrox maker, and enough dive gear to support a large National Geographic Expedition team for several expeditions.

We arranged for remote location dive gas, a dive medic with hyperbaric experience and remote area comms and on-line support. Nothing is impossible if one works 18 hour days and has enough reserved hold space in the 747!

Everything arrived in Papeete in time for it to be fitted onto the vessel and tested in time for the planned departure. The ensuing expedition was a runaway success and yielded images and science research that will be of immense value in helping to protect this seldom-visited part of the world.

Logistics is something that every private yacht expedition needs. Captains are usually extremely busy and only truly mega yachts have the luxury of a purser. ‘Lickedy Split Logisitics’ is poised to spring into action once more.