Expedition Rowing to Antarctica

EYOS is proud to be supporting Captain Fiann Paul, Colin O’Brady, and the entire crew of the vessel Ohana that will undertake an expedition next month to row to Antarctica. The expedition will set off from South America in mid December and then cross the 600 mile Drake Passage.

During the expedition, which was recently covered in the New York Times and on The Tonight Show, EYOS will be providing expedition support and management. In addition to coordinating the expedition, including chartering a shadow vessel, securing the permits and providing many of the safety guidelines and Standard Operating Procedures, EYOS will also be ensuring the expedition takes place in accordance with all IAATO requirements.

An EYOS Expedition Leader will also be onboard the shadow vessel. However, the shadow vessel will not provide any support, including food, during the expedition, except in a worst case scenario.

Fiann Paul is a renowned and accomplished rower with several world records to his name. Colin O’Brady last year became the first person to ski across Antarctica solo and unassisted.