Greenland Expedition 2010

There’s nothing like calm seas, perfect weather and glaciers that carve on cue to make an expedition look easy!

In reality it took several months of planning to make this private expedition run like clockwork, but it was well worth the effort. Working with the Captains and owners of an expedition yacht is actually one of our most rewarding roles—we get to turn voyage plans into expedition reality.

The lifecycle of an expedition

Every expedition seems to run a similar lifecycle. We progress from a conceptual idea into an initial plan. Then, following a period of research and agreement, develop it up into a voyage plan and the more detailed itinerary.

For many, it is the anticipation that adds zest to the whole expedition experience and on this Greenland Expedition for the worlds largest private yacht, we set off from Reykjavik united in a very focused excitement.

Two weeks of sun kissed fjords, sprawling glaciers, shore excursions that have introduced our clients to the locals, remote coast hiking and kayaking amongst icebergs have all combined to make this a most memorable expedition.

Onwards to Canada and the Antarctic season

As we head now for Canada, it is time to reflect on the elements that made this expedition such a success as EYOS Expeditions looks forward now to a very busy Antarctic season in just a few weeks.