EYOS Co-Founder Rob McCallum reflects on his time spent in the paradise of Vanuatu and the power of place found there. 

Scattered across the pristine cobalt waters of the South Pacific, the emerald green islands that make up this remote nation are framed by reefs and beaches in gold and turquoise.  Over 80 islands are linked in a tapestry that spans 500 miles of this seldom-visited corner of Oceania, with each island a stitch that is distinct and different from the one before, and after.  This subtle diversity provides visitors with a great mix of opportunities both on the water and ashore.

For the adventurous Vanuatu offers a suite of volcanoes, many of them active, and the rare chance to stand on the edge of a crater to observe the power of nature, and Earth in the making. More gentle options include forest hikes, beach-combing, birdwatching, and of course, visits to the tiny villages and hamlets to meet local people. Ni-vanuatu welcome each visitor with a genuine smile of greeting, and it is these moments that will be the enduring memory of your time in this Melanesian nation. 

Photo: Mike Moore

Time with Ni-vanuatu provides the chance to share stories, to observe ancient cultural rituals embodied in the dances and songs, and to meet the artisans who produce incredible art out of wood, bone and shell.  It is a chance to connect with people of the sea, and of the forest, who live in tune with nature and rely on their environment for food, building materials, medicine and magic.

For those wanting to explore the rich and diverse marine environment we don mask and snorkel to float effortlessly across broad coral gardens and impossibly coloured reef fish.  For divers we head down the reef face, or further out to swim with the pelagic species.  Advanced divers can explore the wreck of the SS President Coolidge, the largest wreck accessible by SCUBA and one of the world’s finest wreck dives. 

Photo: Mike Moore

Above the waves, there are endless opportunities for water sports and exploring by zodiac or kayak.  Troll a line to catch dinner, or bargain with a local for lobster, and simply drink in a sunset from the water.

Island hopping through Vanuatu is an experience like no other, with the start of each day announced by the anchor securing our place at the story of a new day of adventure and exploration.  Our journey is in the style of the ancient ocean navigators, determined by wind and weather, and by the horizons that are most appealing.

Vanuatu; a diverse destination with something for everyone; challenge, adventure, beauty, culture… but also a chance to partake in a pace of life that is a refreshing change and in experiences that will be an enduring memory.

Photo: Mike Moore