Expedition Destinations

The vast wilderness areas of the world are waiting to be explored by intrepid yachts willing to venture well off the beaten track

Some of these expedition destinations are surprisingly close to sea lanes, requiring only a short deviation from normal cruising routes. Wherever in the world you want to travel, whether a culturally rich or wild destination, EYOS will take you there in safety and luxury.

Diving in Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea is a stunning destination best explored by private yacht. This country’s 5,000 different clans together speak over 850 distinct languages. They form the most culturally diverse nation on Earth.

Alaska and fishing vessel

Alaska, Bering Sea and Russia

The weather-beaten coastlines of the Northern Pacific and the Americas, Alaska, The Bering Sea, and the Russian Far-East have superb potential for exploration by sea during the summer season.

Stunningly beautiful Northwest Passage landscape

Northwest Passage and Arctic Canada

The Northwest Passage is one of the most legendary waterways on the planet—a long held dream of nations and daring adventurers. Even today, only 300 vessels have successfully completed the entire route.

Vanuatu landscape at sunset


Far removed from the familiar cruising circuit, this South Pacific nation is a hidden jewel. One of our favorite dive/snorkel destinations, Vanuatu offers enchanting surprises and unforgettable memories to those who journey here.

Central America and Baja

Both the Caribbean and Pacific coasts of Central America offer tropical wilderness as virgin forest meets the sea along beautiful deserted beaches. Baja offers possibly the best whale watching in the world, and away from the crowds, explore the forests of Costa Rica and Panama along the vast tracts of coastline only accessible by sea.

Seychelles and Madagascar

Venture to the remote islands of the Seychelles and Madagascar. Be totally alone to enjoy beaches and reefs most people can only dream of. The most beautiful islands in the world are waiting to be discovered on a voyage across the warm waters of the Indian Ocean.

diving in Indo Pacific

South Pacific and Indonesia

From the Asian coast of the Indian Ocean, through the innumerable islands of Indonesia, Melanesia and Micronesia, to the vast Pacific, this is one of the most exciting regions to explore by sea. Home to the greatest marine diversity anywhere on the planet, the diving is the best in the world, the islands some of the most beautiful.

Private Yacht on the King George River, The Kimberley, Australia

The Kimberley

On the ‘far side’ of Australia, well distant from the familiar cruising destinations of the populous east coast, the Kimberley region awaits the avid adventurer. Only truly accessible by sea, private yachts and expedition vessels are the sole (and infrequent) visitors to these timeless terracotta shores.

New Zealand

Known as Aotearoa to the indigenous Maori, and as ‘Godzone’ to Kiwis, visitors never fail to find a little piece of paradise in New Zealand.